Most of my days begin with a cup of coffee, my Bible, prayer, and reflection. I don’t like to do a lot of talking in the morning because, for me, it is a time to listen. I listen with my heart, my eyes, my spirit, and sometimes with my ears.

This morning, as I am in awe of the plants that are growing like crazy (see my last post), I am listening to the wind—-on the high note are the birds and buzz of the bees. However, the most formidable of the sounds is a combination of the wind rustling through the tree leaves. When I close my eyes, it sounds like water gently caressing the rocks on a beach—-very subtle.

Then, without notice or provocation, there is an almost deafening silence. I opened my eyes and looked at the tree that is next to my balcony.

That is when I saw it.

Right in in the middle of this jaggedly bent branch of what appears to be an aged tree was a brand new branch. I’m certain that it had not been there before. But here was this tender, strong branchling pointing boldly towards the sky adorned in the most vivid—-almost glowing, hue of green.

All of this potential was growing out of the ugliest knot. The knot looked like nothing could ever come out of it. To be honest, if I was tasked with making this tree more aesthetically appealing, I would have probably cut it out, but God decided to take that ugly spot and create something new and beautiful.

Right there.

I don’t know how long the ugly spot had been there but it didn’t look like it could produce anything. It looked like something to be cut off or covered up but the Master gardener saw it as the perfect place to make something beautiful.

I wonder how many times we try to cover up our missteps and failures with fig leaves thinking that we are fixing it? When in reality, it is that very spot that God will use—-and wants to use.

Everything that the tree was ever going to be was in the seed. Perhaps it was those weak places that allowed God to break through and show himself strong.

Today is filled with a lot of ugly that is not so ugly that something beautiful can’t grow.

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Life Coach. Writer. Artist. Teacher. Mother. Wife. Friend.

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