It Will Sprout If You Don’t Doubt!

I feel safe in saying that most of the blogs and social media posts are about either the pandemic or something related to it. How could they not be? This virus has infiltrated our lives and seems to be staying as long as it is fed: division feeds it.

When the virus first hit America, I contracted it. This was well before we were told of its existence (this was noted in a few posts and definitely in a few podcast shows). It wasn’t until late March that I could “see” my way from under that heaviness. During one of my morning meditations, I heard the Spirit say to buy seeds.

I took that spiritually and literally! Once I had made several masks, I snuck out of the house and hit every store that I thought might have seeds. To my surprise and dismay, there were few seed packages left. In the past, I would have just said, “oh well,” and moved on to the next thing, but this wouldn’t let me go!

I started noticing that several of my social media friends were doing the same thing. They didn’t accept the once look and keep it pushing, so I decided to keep looking. I finally found a place that had some seeds. I bought a lot—some flowers, some vegetables and some herbs. I came home EXCITED and thought this would be a great family adventure. So that evening we all piled out onto our small balcony and planted seeds.

If you knew me personally, you would see the irony in my participation (as it has been a long running joke that I kill fake plants (rude), but I helped. We planted. We watered. We waited.

And nothing grew.

Rationalizing that we couldn’t stop, I bought better soil and more seeds then I walked away from the project. My husband and sons took over and I be gosh dern it if them there seeds didn’t begin to sprout! Even the old seeds were coming up. And, before long, our empty pots were filled with plants!

These dern things are growing so fast that we have already had to replant some. Now, we could see this as a message that I should stay away from gardening, but this morning God took me a little deeper.

He only gave me the vision and the means to buy the seeds. Like in I Corinthians 3:6, some plant, some water, but God gives the increase!

Just when I needed a reminder of my purpose, He gave me a visual—-it is to help others find out what is on the inside of them. Much like those pots, each of you have had some dry places and you have worked without seeing any signs of growth. However, when watered, you would be amazed at what will sprout. Purpose has a way of not only making sense of what was already in the dirt but using it to make a beautiful flower.

Don’t let this season pass you by without finding out not who you are but who you are meant to be. Let me help you water that seed and watch God give the increase!

Published by Phylisha

Life Coach. Writer. Artist. Teacher. Mother. Wife. Friend.

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