Broken in Two Pieces

My husband is not well today, so I am taking care of him. Since he seems to be sleeping well, I decided that it would be a good day to be artsy. As I was looking through my crafting supplies (and cleaning out the containers) I kept finding pieces of things: ribbons, earrings, bracelets, fabricContinue reading “Broken in Two Pieces”

“…but did YOU die?”

There is a running joke in our family about my husband’s driving. When we are all in the car, we are holding tightly to seatbelts and door handles as he carelessly rounds corners and navigates down the road.  No matter where we are going, it is always like taking a stress test and I passContinue reading ““…but did YOU die?””

Living Single, Friends, and Girlfriends

Last week, amidst our tear-stained countenances, there was a brief moment of deflection from our pain on Twitter. David Schwimmer, an actor most famous for his role in the award-winning sitcom, Friends, suggested that his show be re-booted with either an all African-American or Asian-American cast. Needless to say, his suggestion was met with thousandsContinue reading “Living Single, Friends, and Girlfriends”

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