The Seed, The Tree, and The Table

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman who is really making this earth move and shake. As we talked, I felt like Elizabeth when Mary came by all pregnant by the Holy Spirit and such; my gifts leaped! Honestly, that is how it should be when we interact with one another. Throughout out conversation, we shared a few laughs, held back a few tears, and marvelled at the intentionality and power of the law of attraction that set it all up. There were times when we were talking, I took the lead and there were times when it was important for me to listen and to learn. As you can imagine, I do not get to have long discussions with people very often, so this was defintely refreshing!

Just when I thought that the conversation was coming to a close (at this point we were at about an hour in), she said something that deafened me and all that I could hear was, “Girl, you better write this down!” What was so beautiful about what she said was that I had said something similar recently to someone and here I was needing to hear the same wonderful truth. She said, “…we are like seeds. Everything that the seed will become was always inside of the seed.”

Let’s consider the acorn. Where I live, there is an abundance of acorns scattered about on the concrete, the grass, the walk way, etc. Seldom is the day when I can walk to my car without hearing a crunch under my feet. If I am not careful, one of those little fellas can slide me right into an unexpected hiatus. This little nut, with the right environment and planting, grows into the mighty oak tree. Is that not ridiculously and beautifully horrid? Under the weight of my body, I have unknowingly crushed mighty oak trees and everything that the oak could have been.

How many times, in our ignorance have we crushed the potential of someone because we did not recognize all that God had stored up in them? How many times have we crushed our own potential because we did not recognize that mighty oaks come from mini acorns? Our potential is interconnected in the fabric of our potential and whatever and whoever we were created to be is in the inside of us the day that we were invested in the womb. God reassures us through His conversation with Jeremiah that, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…” Well, that sounds good and all, no, it really does but what about all of the stuff that happens between the womb and the tomb? Unless a seed falls to the ground and is buried, it cannot live—reach its full potential. So what is the purpose of going through the cray-cray? It’s fertilizer. It’s the place to find out what your purpose is—because although acorns are seeds, the story doesn’t stop there.

When the acorn has gone through a period of hiding, after it has seen its darkest nights, there is a breakthrough and a sprout breaks out of the dirt. Now, this seed is looking a little bit more like the tree that it was created to be. Acorns, because of their destiny, are too heavy to be blown around and are dependent on other means to be planted. For the most part, squirrels and other animals will attempt to hide the acorns for themselves and will bury them for hopes of a future meal, but most times, the squirrels do not make it back and what was meant to kill the acorn has only transported it to a place in which it can be fertilized and where it can grow (sounds a bit much like all things working together for good to me)! So now, here we grow…a tree…a big tree and seemingly….standing tall in full victory. We are out here providing shade and new fruit and such and then someone comes along and cuts us down! Rude.

Isn’t that how it always is? You finally find your place and it seems as though you are thriving only to have someone or something come along and cut you down. You are an olympic marathon runner and a bomber blows up the race. You are a painter and then you lose your sight. You are a mother preparing to bring home your little girl and she dies in the hospital while holding your hand…what do you do when your purpose is snatched from you? When life cuts you down?

What do you do? You walk into the real purpose of your life. You realize that your destiny was always to be a table. A glorious place for people to share meals and do crafts. A glorious place for people to figure out bills and plan vacations. A glorious place for big mama’s cornbread and neckbones. A glorious place to read mom’s journal after she dies. A glorious place for memories to become legacies and your purpose is shared for generations. It may not be the life that you intended but it is the life for which you were created and you served a larger purpose and that, my friends, is true worship.

So do not be discouraged by the fact that you are not the mighty oak tree that you had hoped that you would be…God may have wanted you to be a table all along. Have a great week and #SIPPtea

Published by Phylisha

Life Coach. Writer. Artist. Teacher. Mother. Wife. Friend.

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