Begin. Again.

Begin. Again.

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Who Am I?
Well, the truth is I am everybody. I am the person who never fit in with crowds. I am the person that dared to look at the world and see what I saw and was not afraid to tell someone. I love to know stuff, to do stuff, and all kinds of stuff inspires me. But, I am also the person that needed a swift kick in the backside, by the reality of the ticking clock, to get myself together. I am not there, nor is anyone that I know, but I am together in somethings and what I know, I figured that I might as well let somebody else know, too. Let’s just journey together…

Encouraging and inspiring people to live and be better. Changing obstacles to opportunities because—-She Always LOVES through it; She Always LEARNS through it; therefore She Always LIVES through it!


We all need encouragement, right? We all need a little inspiration, right? We ALL need a little direction from time to time, right? Well, this is the blog for you! Whether you came from a woman, love a woman, or are a woman, this is how you should start your day! #SIPPtea

I would love to share your story with the world! We all have a story, but none of us have an excuse not to share it with someone else. Maybe you want to be a guest or maybe you have an event and you want me to come and hang out, shoot me an email and let’s figure it out.


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