She Always Learns Through it. She Always Loves Through it. She Always Lives Through it.

Who Am I?
Well, the truth is I am everybody. I am the person who never fit in with crowds. I am the person that dared to look at the world and see what I saw and was not afraid to tell someone. I love to know stuff, to do stuff, and all kinds of stuff inspires me. But, I am also the person that needed a swift kick in the backside, by the reality of the ticking clock, to get myself together. I am not there, nor is anyone that I know, but I am together in somethings and what I know, I figured that I might as well let somebody else know, too. Let’s just journey together…

What is S.A.L.T.tea anyway?
S.A.L.T.tea is the ultimate place to sip on some tea that will actually help you become the person that you were created to be. In addition to the podcast, the blog will give insight to a world gone blind. While others thrive in the negative spaces, we will focus on the fact that, for some reason, we made it. Now, where your “it” is, may be different from mine. But there are three things that I know to be true:
She Always Loves Through It.
She Always Learns Through It.
She Always Lives Through It.
…and sometimes, she can laugh through it.


Encouraging and inspiring Women and the people they love to live and be better. Changing obstacles to opportunities because—-She Always LOVES through it; She Always LEARNS through it; therefore She Always LIVES through it!




We all need encouragement, right? We all need a little inspiration, right? We ALL need a little direction from time to time, right? Well, this is the blog for you! Whether you came from a woman, love a woman, or are a woman, this is how you should start your day! #SIPPtea

Contact Me

I would love to share your story with the world! We all have a story, but none of us have an excuse not to share it with someone else. Maybe you want to be a guest or maybe you have an event and you want me to come and hang out, shoot me an email and let’s figure it out.



S.A.L.T.tea Podcast Guest: Aasha Marie

Episode 5 Season 1- Friday, March 27, 2020

The Dapper Rapper

Recording artist, Aasha Marie discusses the challenges of being a female in the rap game and how she has created her own lane.

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Aasha Marie


Phylisha is an author, singer, artist, motivational speaker, and blogger. Her content focuses on the journey of mankind and the transitions that come with it.

Always poised to share her gifts of the arts, Phylisha, can be seen in various locations using laughter to bring a lighter side of healing during her inspirational events.

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